Can You Make A Wikipedia Page About Yourself?

create a wikipedia page for yourself

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Yourself

Making a Wikipedia page for yourself might sound like an alluring idea, but would it be wise to make one without being notable?

From 2001 until 2020, Wikipedia has established itself as an online phenomenon. It has not only seen a myriad of many successes, but it has also helped millions, and perhaps, billions of people. With over 7 million articles in English alone, it has provided data and material to individuals of all kind.

People in businesses, studying, marketing and various other aspects of life make the most of one of the top websites in the world today. Sitting at number 13 in the current ratings, it has seen itself in the top 5 every now and then. Often flirting with the number one position as well. But stats aside, we are today to understand if you can create a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Since the past few years, online marketing has come with a myriad of new methods to tackle promotional needs. A plethora of these marketing tactics is based on unusual approaches. One of them is creating a Wikipedia page for yourself. While many people are quick to evolve into this strategy, but some of them are left behind. The reason behind that is being prominent enough. Let us get this out of the way right now that you cannot just make a wiki page for fun. So, if you are noticeable or famous enough, then you should proceed with the creation. But first, let us examine a few important points.

Top Reasons To Consider Making A Page For Yourself

Wikipedia already has the image of a vast library of information in the world of online marketing. As it has deep knowledge about most of the topics, while keeping surface-level familiarity with many of the aspects of life. Backed up by the most capable people as editors from around the globe, even 10 years ago it had marketing impacts on the online world. So, if people were talking about it as a marketing tool a decade ago, shouldn’t it be a marketing menace by now? Then let us understand why you need to make a Wikipedia article about yourself.

One of the most common benefits of Wikipedia is its implementation with SEO. One of the renowned benefits of making a wiki page for yourself is that it boosts the rank of your website. When you make a page and put your link in it, the process helps with many things, naminlgy your website’s rank on Google. Another reason is that it surrounds your name in the online world with viable legitimacy. Being featured on Wikipedia means your article has gone through a lot of inspection and analysis by the experts of Wikipedia. So, it provides you with extended credibility.

Some Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

All of the above-mentioned benefits of marketing yourself through Wikipedia sound alluring, right? Then let’s talk about some of the reasons why you shouldn’t. If you are not noteworthy enough, then you are going to put your page creation about yourself in jeopardy. How do you identify that? Wikipedia’s notability guidelines expound on their rules about the variety of people who can make their page.

So, before you embark on the journey to find answers to your question of can I create a Wikipedia page for myself, it is imperative to figure whether you are up to standards. How can you find out whether or not you are worthy enough? There is a certain measure that Wikipedia puts forward as their “base criteria” and it includes:

  • Coverage in multiple published and secondary sources
  • The sources need to be “reliable, intellectually independent”
  • They also need to be “independent of the subject”

Then Wikipedia puts forth another criterion right below their basic criteria. The point here is that if you do not qualify for their basic one, there is no way you can make it past that. For that, you might fall into their invalid criteria guidelines. In this one, the person is completely rendered ineligible to have their own page. Because being related to a famed personality does not count, neither does online presence on search engine statistics such as Google or Alexa.

How To Make A Wikipedia Page For Yourself

So now you know that you are noticeable. Yet, you do not have a way to prove it, nor do you have the means to write a Wikipedia article about yourself. So, what happens now? What do you do that does not only prove you’re worthy but also helps you make the page you want? So, let us break down the process into a step-by-step procedure.

1.    Become Notable

Let us say that you have done something remarkable, as the Wikipedia guidelines warrant the page owner to have. What do you do next? You become notable. How can you do that? By establishing your articles, interviews, videos and other mediums through various famous platforms. The ones that Wikipedia as enough according to their “basic criteria. Now, you need to make sure these platforms are identified as credible sources of information.

2.    Build Sources

Now that you know that if you are not renowned, you are not worthy of a page. Therefore, read this first before you proceed. So, the first thing you need to do is build enough resources that help you get identified as a credible enough person. Make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned above and get mentioned on them. TV & Radio interviews are ideal as the citation of trustworthy resources.

3.    Create An Account

The simple, yet the most important step on Wikipedia to create a page of yourself is the account creation. You can find the account creation process on the top left corner. It is a simple form that you have to fill and verify through your personal or professional email. Once done, you’re onto the next step.

4.    Build Your Credibility As An Editor

Your first step towards finding out whether can you make a Wikipedia page about yourself or not depends on this. So, it is imperative that you establish yourself as a contributor to Wikipedia. The basics of contributing by Wikipedia warrants using either WikiText or VisualEditor. You are supposed to use the Visual Editor unless you are familiar with web development. Then, you need to find the right articles to edit, it should take a bit of research. But then, you need to submit your edit requests and wait for their approval.

5.    Create The Article

By this point, you understand the context, as well as the meaning behind creating a wiki page for yourself. So, what happens now? You draft your page. While the article creation is another topic in itself, you need to find whether or not an existing article exists in your desired name. By simply using Wikipedia’s search box, you can find that. Even if there are, you can simply opt for disambiguation. The process in which Wikipedia creates a singular article, leading to multiple articles of the same name. For example, this article is disambiguation of President Of The United States.

6.    Draft Your Page (article wizard

Now you need to make your first draft. The first thing you need to ensure when you make your page is to format it correctly. It would include a thorough introduction paragraph, together with your name, birthplace, birth date, and a summary of achievements etc. Then, on the side panel, you will find the picture box, where you are supposed to add our picture, preferably something from a renowned place, event or occasion.

Wikipedia’s article wizard features a straight forward procedure. So, most of the steps are side by side as you move along. But, the main thing you need to ensure is that your content is strictly in a neutral point of view, a guideline that Wikipedia calls “WP: NPOV”. So, make sure none of your content features any tones of biased or opinionated strings of content.

7.    Improve The Content

Before you move along and click on the submit button, make sure you read it twice. Because, if your article is not approved, then it is a wait of weeks before you can see your page go live. So, the more you can do about ensuring your page is approved the first time around, the better.

8.    Avoid Formatting Mistakes

Once you are done with pointing out content problems, you need to make sure you are not committing any formatting errors. The Wiki guidelines thoroughly place everything that you need to know about Introductions, paragraphs, headings, images and standard appendices.

9.    Cite The Sources

Wikipedia clearly states that if any of the content mentioned is challenged, then the sources are not reliable. That is why, you need to ensure that integrity of the sources, as well as the many types of sources that you can use on it.

10.  Submit For Approval

Wikipedia’s proposed guideline about a page’s approval depends upon 5 main things. Which are purpose, proposed basic requirements, advantages, disadvantages and whether if it is needed or not. In other words, if your information is at all, important to Wikipedia users.

How To Avoid Making An Orphaned Article

Before we dive into its usage, let us get something out of the way. You should do all you can to make sure the article does not become orphaned. In Wikipedia’s language, the article with “no links in the main article namespace,” is something that is considered an orphaned article. To put it into simple words, an article that you cannot follow up or end up on without a direct link is an orphan or isolated article. The simple way to avoid it is to edit inks in and from relevant articles to make sure it does not get isolated by Wikipedia’s index.

Should You Use It For Marketing?

So, finally, we address the elephant in the room. Going through all that affliction but not reaping the rewards? Does not sound like a good idea. But first, let us get it out of the way that in no way, shape or form does Wikipedia endorse its usage for marketing. Yet, many things indicate the benefits of Wikipedia. In simple words, yes you should use Wikipedia and gain organic traffic, a lot of credibility and a profile on one of the most renowned platforms available today.

Can I make a Wikipedia page about myself?

If you read the article and understand if you are famed, then yes, you can make a page about yourself. But, it is important to keep all the content guidelines in mind.

Can you make your own Wiki page for fun?

While you might be able to, the chances of it staying on Wikipedia are not very high. Considering it gets edited and scrutinized every day. Moreover, chances of its approval are highly unlikely anyway.

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