Can You Make A Wikipedia Page About Yourself?

create a wikipedia page for yourself

The undoubted advantage of Wikipedia is known – a good article created there will always be available. This differs Wikipedia from traditional media, where the publication quickly goes into binder. In addition, the Wikipedia article can be updated at any time by adding relevant information. This leads to an interesting consequence that other media do not have. If a person suddenly committed some bright act or received an appointment to a high post, the number of views of his article takes off

Your curiosity may leads you to look up for Wikipedia to extend topics of interest and learn many new things. Wikipedia is of such magnitude that it receives thousands of requests to create new articles and modifications to existing ones every day. This makes a huge job in the shade to check that all new content deposited is true, that there are no inaccuracies or errors. In addition, it allows users to collaborate with articles without directly editing them, making comments to alert about incorrect data, suggest information or changes in the appearance of a page.

However, if you want to create a contemporary Wikipedia page or article about yourself, then it is advisable for you to consult a familiar Wiki specialist who has patrol rights and collect a number of materials before writing. In addition, you will have to consider that Wikipedia has a particularly scrupulous approach to the biography of a contemporary. For example, in an article about a contemporary, you cannot create an Interesting Facts section where to collect gossip about him. Also, if you describe any specific aspect of a contemporary, it is advisable to let the specialist read this section after publication.

How to create a Wikipedia page about Myself?

Having your Wikipedia page today is a trifle, but nice and important. Many famous entrepreneurs and business owners strive to get a page on Wikipedia to appear on top search engine results. However, the question that usually comes into mind is how to get started, how to create a Wikipedia page and gain traffic to my website?

Due to the huge influx of little-known young performers, Wikipedia has become very picky about approving biographies of this kind – they are often defined as insignificant, unimportant and not bearing a semantic load, and therefore deleted. But here we describe some useful tips that will help increase your chances of getting to this magical site.

Whether you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or want to create it for your whole team, every rule and guideline has to be adhered in order to stay on Wikipedia. Moreover, the criteria of creating a page on Wikipedia remains same for everyone. Creating a page on Wikipedia has a lot of difficulties and complexities to take care of and requires professional approach. It is highly advisable and recommended to count on some experts or Wikipedia page creation services to handle such a task.

Maintain neutrality

Remember that Wikipedia is not an advertising site, and the text should not contain a lot of art decorations. You can’t write any sort of promotional content, you need more dry encyclopedic facts and specifics.

Be notable

Wikipedia is a very large site, and if your article is not too interesting and noticeable, it will be quickly deleted. What made you famous? How do other people perceive you? Did you add quotes from magazines or blogs about yourself? Use everything that seems useful to you in this case.

Do not write everything yourself

This is one of the main reasons why Wikipedia pages are deleted. Wikipedia wants impartial stuff. This means that if you, your manager or bass player, write an article, then it is likely to be deleted. If your friends or fans have experience working on Wikipedia as authors, ask them to better post material about you. Permanent Wikipedia authors will have a much greater chance of broadcasting an article that will not be deleted.

Be careful

Make sure that your record includes all the necessary details, including important dates, names of participants, discography, awards, etc. Imagine reading an article about your song or melody in a hundred years. What will be still interesting?

Add credible links

If you have already been printed about in famous newspapers, blogs and magazines, this can be a great help. Make sure to use these links in your article to make it amusing.

The guidelines for creating a page on Wikipedia website require not only encyclopedic and literacy submission and knowledge, but also a clear validation of the value of the published text for project readers. You must not only produce the material, but also justify its true significance to the Wikipedia community. In the most cases, self-creating to Wikipedia ends with removing the article, and in some cases, blacklisting your page, name or company.

You still don’t know want to create a Wikipedia page on your own? Well, that understandable. This task has a lot of things to do with and requires full time attention, efforts and time. Our professional assistance can take off your stress and help you get acknowledged all over the world within no time!

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