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How Famous Do You Have To Be To Have A Wikipedia Page

When it comes to credibility and notability to acquire information, one platform comes to mind and that is the largest online encyclopaedia- Wikipedia. From having information related to academic principles, renowned authors, artists and personalities to providing articles on researched products and discoveries, Wikipedia is undoubtedly the hub of credible and trustable information. It’s not […]

How Long Does It Take For Wikipedia To Approve An Article

People often carry their own individualistic perceptions concerning Wikipedia articles and their approval on the site. These misconceptions can be quite misleading at times. Given how there is no standard process that exists on the site, it is merely a formality that has been created and followed by the volunteer bureaucracy. This content is going […]

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Wikipedia Page

The human mind is a strange phenomenon. There are certain elements about it that science still does not understand, despite having a myriad of information. One of the basic traits of an active human mind is to use whatever it has to their benefits. One testament of such thing is how marketing in recent times […]

How to Write a Wikipedia Page for Your Company in 5 Steps

Wikipedia is the largest and most sought-out information hub available in the world today. The word Wiki derives from Hawaiian word “WikiWiki” which translates into “quick information”. The website itself is a sum of collaborated effort from professional writers and casual internet users. However, in recent times, Wikipedia has become more than just an encyclopaedia. […]

Can You Make A Wikipedia Page About Yourself?

The undoubted advantage of Wikipedia is known – a good article created there will always be available. This differs Wikipedia from traditional media, where the publication quickly goes into binder. In addition, the Wikipedia article can be updated at any time by adding relevant information. This leads to an interesting consequence that other media do […]