How Famous Do You Have To Be To Have A Wikipedia Page

When it comes to credibility and notability to acquire information, one platform comes to mind and that is the largest online encyclopaedia- Wikipedia. From having information related to academic principles, renowned authors, artists and personalities to providing articles on researched products and discoveries, Wikipedia is undoubtedly the hub of credible and trustable information.

It’s not easy to get on the platform let alone getting your article published. One has to go through a number of hurdles and ensure to incorporate the highest quality content to gain success. Wikipedia is an open-source platform; therefore, its policies and instructions which every writer is bound to follow are very descriptive and detailed. One such principle policy of Wikipedia is its notability principle.

The Notability Principle- How Famous You Need To Be

Being notable is different than being famous in the search engine. Wikipedia strictly instructs its writers and editors to make sure that the subject or the person they are about to cover for the platform is credible and renowned. That means it should have some sort of media coverage and should have received some significant place in the search engine. people should know something about the brand, product or subject.

It helps in increasing the online visibility of the article as more people would get attracted to reading about it. If your subject is unknown it will have little to no chance to gain recognition. The motive to check the notability is to make sure that the subject can make a positive contribution and it has the potential to attract the target readers. Notability is the foremost thing to check and verify before taking any step forward to content creation.

Reasons Why The Content Gets Rejected on Wikipedia

If you are wondering why your content is rejected even if you have tried following every single step, then here is a list of reasons you can go through to ease your curiosity. Getting on Wikipedia can become a pretty daunting task for the newbies. That’s the reason why people prefer to opt for Wikipedia editors for hire as they are experienced enough to get their content published with ease and perfection. So, here is a detailed list of reasons you can follow.

– Irrelevant Research 

Research is of major significance in composing a Wikipedia page. If you want your article to be regarded as credible you need to make sure that you provide highly researched content. Your information should be relevant and it should have valuable aspects that can keep the readers indulged. You need to make sure that the content is composed on legit grounds. Just to gain readability or to increase engagements you should not opt for irrelevant and fake content. You have to rely on authentic platforms to gather information.

– Non-Adherence To The Wikipedia Policies  

The next most important mistake that a Wikipedia writer must never make is to miss out any Wikipedia policy or to go against its instructions. You need to make sure that the content you incorporate into your page goes completely according to the Wikipedia policies which say that it should not biased or has argumentative aspects. It should not be inappropriate or has fake aspects. It should not have any promotional chunks as well neither it brags any point with baselessness.

– Unoptimized Content

You need to make sure that your content is readable. It should have the essence that can not only garner attention but provides ease in understanding to the target audience. The content is only rejected when it is unoptimized. It should have the most researched keywords and terms that can increase the readability. You need to compose content that is able to gain engaged online visibility.

– Absence Of Citation

Even if the subject or the person you are writing about is notable but the way you create a Wikipedia profile lacks citation your content is very much likely to get rejected. You have to follow the Harvard style referencing format or the many styles mentioned in the Wikipedia policies. You need to make sure that your content captures the attention of the target audience and gains the highest traffic to get positioned at the top. Citation lets you open more avenues for your readers who can learn about your subject in detail. It shows a professional image of your content.

– Poor Writing Style

The next significant aspect is the poor writing style. Sometimes writers compose content with lengthy and draggy sentence structures. Using unappropriated vocabulary is also a major problem seen in the content. You need to be careful about that. You should compose content that is rich with compelling writing style. Your content should be engaging and captivating. It should be able to gain a prominent position in the search engine. It needs to compel the readers and keep them indulged for longer.

– Lack Of Formatting

Lastly, the aspect that can decide whether your content is going to have huge traffic or not is its formatting. The online readers have the shortest attention span and they do not want to get stuck in huge paragraphs and unending sentences. Therefore, Wikipedia writers are instructed to create short sentences and paragraphs. You should use formatting tools like bullets and fonts. Underline the important terms and highlight aspects that should garb the attention.

Content Approval Guidelines

Are you wondering about how long does it take for a Wikipedia article to get approved? The total duration for a Wikipedia article to get approved is around 3 to 6 months. If your article is composed of legit information, well-formatted writing style and has readability in it, you will receive the published link via email. In case of any error, the official editors will ask you to edit the document and resubmit it. You will be given a chance based on how mere your mistakes are. If the errors are too complicated your content will get rejected straight away and there will be no further resubmission.

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