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The human mind is a strange phenomenon. There are certain elements about it that science still does not understand, despite having a myriad of information. One of the basic traits of an active human mind is to use whatever it has to their benefits. One testament of such thing is how marketing in recent times has thoroughly utilized unorthodox tactics just to get the point across. In other words, humans have made the most of whatever technology or invention that has come to pass in order to market products or services.  One such thing is how marketing in recent times has used Wikipedia. Initially what started as, and remains, one of the most viable and dependable sources of information, has now become a vital marketing tool. However, creating a page on Wikipedia does not come easy.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Wikipedia Page?

It is important to keep in mind that even though Wikipedia itself does not charge a penny, making a presence there may cost some fortune after all. The cost of a Wikipedia page can be started from as little as 200$ to more than $3000. Now, the Wikipedia page edits may come at a cheaper cost as they cost around 150-200$ per piece. However, a Wikipedia article may cost around $400 to $800 minimum.

Why Do You Need A Wikipedia Page?

Before we dive into how’s let us discuss the need. The “Why” of all things, the reason this article was written and some people are still looking for it. Wikipedia is one of the most reliable sources of information and the largest known encyclopaedia ever. As of 4th June 2020, there are more than six million pages, more than 50 million articles and around 150 thousand active users. Warranted by such statistics, it is clear that how much information Wikipedia possesses.

Now think of all the benefits your name could have if it was featured on it. For example, what do you think happens when someone Googles your name? Since most internet activity begins with a simple search in any search engine, you can guess why people who have a knack for SEO would love to have a Wikipedia page. To put it simply, a Wikipedia page for you or your company will not only provide you legitimacy, but it also makes it credible above all.

How Does One Create A Wikipedia Page?

Let us talk about what is so troublesome about creating a Wikipedia page. You have to understand that much like any trade that requires expertise, the person who hires will always be in awe of what a professional can accomplish. Whereas an expert would always wonder what is so troublesome that people do not understand. Such is the case with Wikipedia experts. According to Wikipedia Editing Services, beginners find it so full of hassle that they abandon the idea of making a page at the first step. What is that first step? Let us dive into the creation process.

1.    Create An Account

Wikipedia requires one to sign up before they can access their inner features. Before any page creation, editing or content writing, one must create an account in order to proceed. The account creation is straightforward and simple. Verified by email encryption, it takes merely 5-10 minutes to get one signed up and ready to go.

2.    Establish Yourself As An Editor

It begins to get tricky from this point on as creation requires one to establish themselves as a professional and someone who provides viable information. Before Wikipedia allows you to consider making a page, you have to make your presence as an editor. All one has to do is make edits to already existing articles. Once they are approved, your writing credibility goes up. As simple as it sounds, it may be the first hassle in the whole process.

3.    Research

Two main types of research go into the creation of a page. The first one is to help you gather information regarding page creation. The other one is whether a page exists at all. If the name of your company or yourself does not exist, then your research phase concludes there. The second phase of your research begins after article creation, but we will come to that later.

4.    Article Creation

You know by this point that your article does or does not exist. In the case of the latter, you will ask Wikipedia for page creation. Once the article is created, you will move forward to the next phase. However, if it does exist, taking ownership of it requires a lot of patience and understanding of the guidelines. Which is why some require the assistance of professionals.

5.    Content Writing

The creation gets tricky if a beginner makes this far. The format of a Wikipedia page is of the utmost level of formalness. One whiff of opinionated or biased content and the whole creation process goes into jeopardy. Professionals who have done it repeatedly find it easier to get past this phase, as practice perfected this aspect for them. An important thing to notice is that experts in this particular trade do exist because of how tough it can be to get it done.

6.    Submission & Approval

The page was created, the content is written and now comes the part where you push the button. There is a “Publish” button once the writing is done. After submission, Wikipedia experts thoroughly research the topics and make the required changes. However, if a claimed piece of information has no source backing it up, then they may ask for additional information and citation of the source. However, once approved, there is not much work left except a few optimization related matters.

7.    Editing & Management

A page is created and it got approved, what happens now? Since information regarding a company or person may be based on statistics, then it is important to keep in mind that stats are always changing. Therefore, if your page features obsolete information, it could prove as bad as it is supposed to be beneficial. Therefore, it is important to do it yourself or hire experts who ensure the upkeep of your page.

So, Why Does It Cost That Much?

Now we understand why some experts would advise against making a page entirely, because of the hassle. Furthermore, Wikipedia has strict guidelines regarding a company or person being noticeable or noteworthy. However, we saw how much trouble one has to go through in order to finally get a page on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, the pricing varies from services to service. One of the prominent providers of such services is Professional Wikipedia Editor. Their reasoning for the cost or pricing that it takes to make a page are based on the following:

.  Experts

Seeking the help of experts comes at a cost. They have experienced the very trouble that you are trying to avoid by hiring them. However, their services can be availed for an adequate amount. That is why, the cost for a page creation on Wikipedia costs one a small sum because the experts who do it, have spent years polishing their skills for this very purpose.

.  Hours Spent

Of all the things we spoke of earlier, none of them is done within minutes. They take countless hours of the workforce working tirelessly to get a page created, written or approved. Seeing as how most of the digital marketing related fields charge by the hour, every hour spent for your page creation will cause some bills to be paid.

.  Research

Research on the internet is made easy because of how convenient it is to find anything you want on Google. However, as mentioned earlier, Wikipedia requires more than one type of research. Neither of those two types is easy, as every step has to be taken with thorough care. Now, what happens when you hire experts? They do not only cut the time short, but their experience and expertise also allow them to understand exactly what to look for. Now, this type of services should be fairly compensated.

.  Management

Another thing mentioned above was the management and upkeep of the page. Now, since you are running a business, you do not always want to go through some of the same troubles that we mentioned above. Therefore, what do you do? You hire experts who make sure that your page is updated as soon as there is a requirement. What it does is it keeps your information relevant and fresh. In turn, it also increases your image in the online world and casts a good reflection upon yours or your companies’ name.


There you have all the important information regarding the cost of a Wikipedia page. We discussed what it takes to create one. Then we thoroughly went through why it costs to get one even though Wikipedia itself does not charge a penny. Nevertheless, the creation of a Wikipedia page is one full of hassle and hiring experts for a cost only seems like the right thing to do.

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