How To Add A Wikipedia Page In Another Language

All internet users have at least once opened a Wikipedia page to get information on a contemporary public figure, on a historical figure, or on an event. Changes to a Wikipedia entry are stored in a version history accessible to anyone. Entries added or changed are monitored by the Wikipedia community for controversial content. Registered users can have a list of items of interest to them to find out about any changes since the last access, check the corrections made and prevent the proliferation of spam and false information.

Would you like to write an entry also for Wikipedia but you don’t know how to do it? Or do you want to add a new Wikipedia page but in different language?

Before posting content on Wikipedia, make sure it complies with the general rules of the site and the community. To find out what are the recommendations and guidelines for posting content on Wikipedia, see the page of the official Wikipedia site. If you go against the Wikipedia rules, other users could open a discussion on the dedicated page up to the deletion from the entry from the encyclopedia.

Also, be aware that the encyclopedia entries are checked daily by some volunteer administrators. To write a good entry on Wikipedia you have to take into consideration some fundamental points, such as writing style, correct use of verbs and nouns and correct formatting of the entries.

How To Create A New Entry

First, make sure that the page you are creating doesn’t already exist on Wikipedia. To do this, type the name of the item you want to create in the “Search Wikipedia” field at the top right and press “Enter” to start the search. If the page already exists, do not create it.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page In Different Language?

Don’t use inaccurate translation tools like Google translator. Google translation tool is used for translating small part of the text or a sentence but not for a whole article. Download the source code of your original article and copy & paste the codes into suitable places in your wiki article. This will help you get references clearly. You can also translate by going to Wikipedia in the language you want, and create an article, and then add your translated version. Or you can count on a Wikipedia page generator or you can turn to our Wiki experts.

What Do I Have To Prepare To Create Page On Wikipedia?

Creating a new page on Wikipedia is an operation within everyone’s reach.

By reading this guide and with a little training, you too can actively contribute to the most famous online encyclopedia in the world. Wikipedia makes available the creation of new content for everyone, both for registered users and for non-registered users.

How and Why To Register On Wikipedia

The user registered on Wikipedia, compared to the non-registered user, has a personal account in which he can use dedicated functions to make a new Wikipedia page that are not available for non-registered users. These functions are many and varied, such as the internal plugin to translate Wikipedia pages, the personal test page for writing new guides and the history of your contributions and changes made on the site.

Although it is not necessary to register to create a new entry on Wikipedia, creating your own account on the site is an operation that allows you to obtain many privileges, first of all the history of changes and contributions to Wikipedia itself.

Furthermore, a registered user can use a page where “practice writing encyclopedia entries” before publishing them. The tests page which allows you to practice writing the entries and adding of contributions to Wikipedia without risking. But how to register?

  • To create your account, go to the Wikipedia site then click “Register” at the top right.
  • In the window that opens, fill in all the fields (“Username”, “Password” and “E-mail address”), then type the security code in the appropriate field and click on “Create your account” to complete the registration. You will receive an email confirming registration.
  • The email address is not mandatory during registration. However, it is recommended to enter it, because it offers additional features, such as “password recovery” in case of loss.

Each modification to existing and new pages is evaluated by a group of trained people and must go through a strict quality control. If information is entered incorrectly, the content will be removed within minutes.

Free Does NOT Mean “I Can Write What I Want”

While anyone can create or edit Wikipedia entries, this doesn’t mean that any material can be posted. In fact, the topics must be considered encyclopedic by the community operating on the encyclopedia; various guidelines have been defined, and in the less clear cases a discussion opens that leads to a decision that is as shared as possible. Furthermore, you cannot enter information created directly by you: Wikipedia is not a primary source, that is, it does not collect “new” knowledge, but a secondary or, better still, tertiary source. It organizes knowledge that is already public and better yet already validated by others.

How Can I Re-Write An Entry?

While it is relatively simple to correct an entry if an error is found – but it is still recommended specifying a source that corroborates the correct data, perhaps adding it to the subject of the change – often if you create or rewrite an entry you will see all your work reset to zero, even if you are in good faith and actually your text is more correct than the original one. Unfortunately, many people insert incorrect or advertising material; the users who actively work on the encyclopedia are relatively few, and they too can be wrong in good faith.

Who Is Responsible For What Is Written On Wikipedia?

On Wikipedia there is a warning for all authors: “The civil and criminal liability on what you are about to send will remain your own; for each change made, in fact, your IP address will be publicly recorded”.

In case of learning how to register a Wikipedia page or in case of any others problems related to a Wikipedia entry, you can turn to us and our experts will guide you to the whole process.

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