How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Singer

Making a Wikipedia page is no easy task. While many consider doing it for fun, for some it is serious business. Considering the reputation of Wikipedia, you could guess a few reasons why it becomes so attractive for marketers. A Wikipedia page can serve as a vital tool in online marketing if you know how to use it right. Not only because of its role in SEO but also because of its credibility. If you have been an avid internet user, then you would know the SEO presence of Wikipedia.

Most of what you search on any search engines, the top results would always be on Wikipedia. That is because it has established its credibility over the course of the past 20 years. Since its first day, Wikipedia has provided the most accurate information. That is why artists and people of creative fields wish to have their own profile on it. Considering Wikipedia only allows the profiles of notable personalities, celebrities, artists and athletes to make their own pages to provide an edge in establishing their online presence. Therefore, if you wish to make a page for one such person, then let us look at the process and understand some of the important aspects of it.

The Creation Process

Keep in mind that you cannot just hop onto Wikipedia and start making pages. You will have to go through some of the necessary stages first. If you wish to understand how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor, artist or singer, then you will have to learn their guidelines first. However, we will come to that later. For now, let us look at the page creation process and how you can do it with these steps.

1.    Account Sign-Up

Wikipedia has various futures that need an account in order to access them. Therefore, the first and most basic step of the whole process is to sign up. You will be asked to verify through email authentication. Once you do it, you can move forward.

2.    Become An Editor

Signing up is only the first step because truly, it is not even the beginning. The first real challenge is to become a dependable editor. For that, you will have to find an article or page that needs amendments. If you have not come across an article that requires doing so, then you might have to do some research. Nevertheless, you need to edit any misinformation or add anything particular to existing pages. Make sure this information is fact-based and true, so when it is approved, Wikipedia recognizes you as a credible editor.

3.    Ask For Article Creation

If your topic is famous, then chances are the page already exists. Nevertheless, if your desired page or article does not exist, then you will have to ask Wikipedia to make one. It takes about a week or two before it goes up. Once it is, you need to move on to the next step.

4.    Content Creation

Keep in mind that Wikipedia content is for information only. The moment you write it as an article, sound promotional or if it appears to be opinionated in any way, then you can say goodbye to your chances of approval. Content creation is an integral part of your page creation process. If you create a Wikipedia page for an artist or singer, you need to refrain from bragging about the achievements. You can state records and achievements, but do it in a non-opinionated way.

5.    Citation Of Sources

Once you are done writing content, make sure you provide the sources from which you gathered the information. That way, Wikipedia will find it easy to affirm the information is credible. However, that is why research is important before you get started. Make sure you have all the necessary material before you sign-up.

6.    Page Approval & Maintenance

Once the page approves, let us get this straight that you will have no control over it. Anyone can edit or make changes to it. Granted that Wikipedia will check the credibility of information, but you will still have to keep an eye for its maintenance and management.

Things To Understand

When you think about making a Wikipedia page, understand that Wikipedia is one of the most respectable platforms on the internet. While the occasional prankster gets their way and manages to post misinformation, Wikipedia administrators make sure that none of these mishaps stays around for long. Therefore, your intention should be for serious matters only. If a page creation is required, understand if your topic is noticeable or noteworthy enough. Wikipedia clearly states that if a topic is not famous enough, it cannot have a Wikipedia page. Furthermore, even if it is, content creation needs to be precise. The guidelines for content creation requires the content to be in “NPOV” aka neutral point of view.

Importance Of Wikipedia

Now we know how you can make a Wikipedia page for celebrity. However, why is it important that one should? The role of Wikipedia in online marketing is not something unheard of but it is surely unorthodox. Nevertheless, Wikipedia possesses such a domain, which makes it vital if one wants to have optimal SEO. If your name is on Wikipedia, then it is a guarantee that you will be in the top results. Furthermore, the reputation of Wikipedia will legitimize all your achievements and feats in your field of work.

Why You Should Hire Experts

Let us imagine a scenario where you have to make a Wikipedia page for a band. However, since you already know the steps, you know it is not easy. Then what should you do? Many would suggest hiring experts. Not only for the fact that they have had experience and can get you over the line easily, but also because they understand the process thoroughly. A new person will find it full of hassle to keep in mind all the intricacies of page creation. Whereas experts have practice and they can do it easily.

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