How to Create a Wikipedia Profile Page

How to Create a Wikipedia Profile

Stressed on how to create a Wikipedia profile? Or worried if the page gets rejected? Here is a brief guide to help you out. Below are mentioned steps to give you a step-by-step procedure to Wiki profile creation.

  1. Create an Account
  2. Select Your Topic
  3. Follow The Notability Principle
  4. Carry Out Extensive Research
  5. Write The Page
  6. Wikipedia Policies
  7. Citation
  8. Page Submission

Create A Wikipedia Account

On the Wikipedia homepage, you see the option “create an account” on the top right corner. When you click the button a window gets popped up that requires your necessary information. Fill out the details, create a formal username, enter the password and click proceed. Your Wikipedia account will be created in a blink. You may even get a confirmation email on your id.

Select Your Topic

Once you are through the account creation step you have to work on writing a Wiki page and for that having a unique topic is a must. Remember to choose a topic that you are aware of. Your topic should be attention grabbing.

You can check the market and understand the perspective of your target audience as that will help in coming up with a suitable topic. Moreover, there is an important step involved in topic selection. You have to go through the list of published Wikipedia article to check if it has been covered or not. For that, the simple technique is to copy and paste your title in the search box present on the platform. If you get a red link that means its available and if not, you will get a list of topics all related to the subject you have searched.

Follow the Notability Principle

On the Wikipedia platform, there are a certain guideline that ensure to filter out only the worthy-to-publish topics. These set of guidelines are called the Notability Principle. The criteria are applied to the title or the person (for biography). The writer has to make sure the title is readable and worthy to be attempted. Same goes on the person whose biography is being composed. Not only this, when you attempt to write anything about a new brand or organization, you need to make sure that it has some online visibility and presence. He should be known among the specific target audience.

Carry Out Extensive Research

The credibility of your Wikipedia page is depicted by the richness it carries in terms of the researched material. If you want your page to excel, you need to dig deep into the web to hunt for rich information. You have to go through reliable resources to gather information. Understanding your reader is imperative when composing a page. It helps you filter out the jargon if needed.

The search engine is vast with endless sources of information. You get the idea of which aspect to incorporate and which one to avoid only if you know the level of intellect of your target audience. So, be careful as to what you gather and how to add more worth on your content.

Write The Page

Now that you have created your account, selected a unique topic and researched all the material, its time you begin writing your Wiki page. The foremost aspect involved in page creation is your tone and voice. You have to focus on incorporating a professional writing style that can interact and indulge the target audience.

You need to be precise and interactive. Avoid using passive tone and stick to more professional deliverance of the information. When composing you content make sure to stay rational and unbiased. You must not present any argumentative aspects or sweep towards more controversial footing of a subject. It should not be about what you perceive instead your content should be in a neutral tone.

In making a content readable the prime aspects are how you have positioned your message and the structure of your sentence. Composing lengthy sentences with hollow messages weaken the credibility of a content. You must rather focus on incorporating information in a professional and appealing writing style.

Adhere To The Wikipedia Policies

Going through Wikipedia policies helps you evaluate your work. It guides you about the do’s and don’ts you must follow. Your Wikipedia page will only be approved if you stick to the general writing guidelines. For instance, Wikipedia policies instruct writers to never add promotional aspects into the content. The content should not be written to brand or promote a business or a product. Instead the information present in a page should be neutral and valuable. It should be either to guide, preach or help the reader in one way or another.

Add Proper Citation

Citation is of imminent importance in the page submission process. It has an individual tab under the submission bar on the platform. It’s something you cannot avoid or ignore. The Wikipedia profile mentions certain formats that you can use to cite your sources. However, mostly Harvard style is followed on the platform.

Once you have submitted your page you have to mention all the principle sources of your information. These sources, presented in a certain format, will appear under your content. It proves how authentic your research is and provides a window to the audience to learn in-depth about your subject. The article straight out gets rejected if it lacks proper citation.

The Page Submission Process

Are you done composing your content? Planning to submit it on the platform? Well, before you head to submit its better to go through your content once again and check if it lacks anything. Scrutinizing and making the final edits are important aspects to ensure flawless quality.

On the Wikipedia platform, once you are signed in to your account, you will find an option “create a page” on the left side of the page. You have to copy-paste your content and in the next tab you have to enter the citation. It’s best to follow every step just as they are to avoid any rejection.

Do’s and Don’ts About How to Create Your Own Wikipedia Profile

It’s not impossible to have your own Wikipedia profile. You only have to make sure that you are credible or have a certain online presence. If you do not have one you have to first make yourself known as Wikipedia does not approve such profiles that are not credible enough to garner traffic. However, when composing a Wikipedia page for yourself, you need to make sure that its information is delivered in a neutral tone. It should be informative and compelling enough to increase the traffic.

Guidelines to Create A Wikipedia Biography

Are you browsing procedures about how to create a Wikipedia biography? It’s simple but time consuming. You need to invest your time in first mapping out your biography and evaluating the sources to gather the information. You have to make sure that your biography is readable and interesting for the reader. It should have rich and valuable information. It should be well formatted and cited properly. Use small paragraphs to compose your biography it enhances the readability.

Can I create a biography profile on Wikipedia?

Yes, you can create a biography profile on Wikipedia. You have to follow the same format where the person about whom you are writing should be notable. Secondly, your information should be legit and credible. Lastly, the writing style should be exceptional and engaging. The average time taken to complete a biography is around 3 to 6 months. If any biography has flaws, the official editors ask the writer to edit and proofread then submit back. In case if your biography has a lot of errors in it, it will get straight away rejected.

Can you create a brand profile on Wikipedia?

To create a brand profile first you need to make sure that the business stands on the Notability principle. Next, gather all the relevant information and compose a page on a neutral tone. Do not promote your brand or brag about its achievements. You have to stick to a neutral tone and voice. The purpose of a Wikipedia page is to deliver valuable information not to promote an entity. So, follow all the Wikipedia policies and compose a high-quality content.


The online presence and recognition of Wikipedia is beyond imagination. Its content is translated into 300 different languages and people from every corner of the globe follow it. By simply having a profile you can enjoy its limelight and maximize your outcomes to double folds. All you have to do is to follow all the mentioned guidelines and be innovative enough to engage the target readers.

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