How to Get Verified on Google as an Artist

Google, with a mission to make information universally accessible accounts for billions of visitors every month. What will happen if a thousand people type your name in the search box? Will you as an artist appear in front of them? Are you anxious about your online presence, wondering how to be on Google?

If you are following your passion and it’s more than just a dream for you to become known, you must initiate to get recognised on Google with authenticity. If you look at the statistics, visitors make around 100 billion searches per month on Google. Moreover, the search engine owns 94% of the market share.

Considering its massive online reach, every artist wishes to be known on Google. The easiest way is to get a verified Google Panel.

Wonder what a Google Panel is?

A Google knowledge graph commonly known as Knowledge panel is a small infobox that appears on the ride side of the page when you search about an artist. It’s a brief infobox that’s more like a resume of an artist giving out every important details and description from personal to career information.

See the image below:

Kurt cobin

The Google Knowledge Panel shows the name, gender, age, profession, personal status, details of the record label affiliation, achievements and rewards along with the artist images. At the end of the infobox, there are social media connections listed along with quotes of the artist.

Here is a short video to help you explain what a Google Knowledge Panel is and how the search engine creates it.

Introducing the Knowledge Graph

How to Get A Google Knowledge Panel As An Artist

For all those who are searching about how to get on google as an artist, here is the thing, you cannot create a Knowledge Panel. It’s an automatically generated panel box programmed by Google. You can influence its creation but cannot directly produce it.

In this blog, you will learn about ways through which you can have a Google Knowledge Panel. So, let’s begin the guide:

Step #1- Get Registered On Google

First, you have to register as an artist on Google. Create a Google account to let the bots know you exist. Use an appropriate username and fill in the correct information.

Step #2- Optimize Your Online Presence

The most essential step is to build your SEO presence as an artist. You can follow a number of techniques as listed below:

Create The YouTube For Artist Account

Create The YouTube For Artist Account

Google has rolled up some amazing policies for artist giving them an enhanced online presence. The introduction of YouTube Music let’s you update the profile with all your latest happenings. You can update the album, upload your songs or anything that you can showcase in front of your followers. Everything on Google Play Music will appear on YouTube Music for visitors to view.

Create a Social Media Presence

Social Media platforms account for billions of users where people coming from every region interact with each other and stay connected. Leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are premium places where you can have your profile and get known instantly. These are the leading ones and ensure to give you ample recognition. Facebook alone accounts for over 8 billion views and has 500 million active user count.

In the Google Knowledge Panel, your social media connections will appear and that will add more authenticity.

Create a Wikipedia Page

Do you from where Google collects most of the data about an artist? From Wikipedia. So, here comes the next step, create a Wikipedia page for an artist.

To get your Wikipedia profile as an artist approved first you have to make sure that the person is notable enough to become eligible of getting on the platform. Once you are sure about that, follow the below mentioned page creation procedure.

·         Create the Artist Profile:

Go to and create an account. Make an appropriate username and fill in the information.

·         Go Through The Wikipedia Policies

The next step is to go through the Wikipedia policies and follow each instruction carefully. Note that, the content should be verifiable and non-promotional. The Wikipedia page should be authentic with relevant information. You must not have conflict of interest about the artist to be able to do justice with the page.

·         Write The Artist Page

Next comes the content part. Write well-versed content with properly cited sources. Format everything as per the SEO guidelines. Index most searched keyword to increase the accessibility of your content.

  • Submission and Page Approval

Submit your page after thoroughly proofing it. There must not be any error left unattended. Wikipedia takes up to 3 to 6 months to approve a page. Once your age is created you will gain an enhanced online recognition that will increase your chances of getting the Google panel.

Step #3- Distribute Your Work

You have a YouTube account, social media connections and a Wikipedia page, last you need to do is distribute your work online. Create a website or profile on any known platform. Add images with high-definition quality and mention your bio with right information and details. Everything essential that you want to see on the Google Knowledge Panel must be there.

Through your social media platform, keep a consistent posting. This will speed up the creation. Google will find you worthy and notable enough to provide you the Knowledge Graph.

How to Get Verified On Google as an Artist

Have you finally got your Google Knowledge Panel and thinking about how to claim it? Here are the simplest tricks about how to get verified on Google as an artist.

  • Go to your knowledge Panel and scroll it down
  • At the bottom, you will find a button indicating “claim the knowledge panel”
  • Click on it and you will be navigated to a verification page
  • You will have to fill in a form by inserting all the information
  • Once everything needed is submitted, you can click proceed to save changes

How to Edit Your Info On The Google Knowledge Panel?

If you are unsure about the pictures the Panel shows or want to update your bio, you can go to your google account and update the information. You can not only change the picture but can update whichever information you want. To approve the changes, Google may take a day or two. The algorithms will crawl to other authentic sites and get the updated information.

What’s the Duration of Getting Verified as an Artist?

Google may take 3 to 4 days to approve your artist profile. It will go through your online profile and then approve the Knowledge Panel. You will get a confirmation email as well. Once you approve it the process will begin, soon you will get a verified Google Knowledge Graph.

Wrap Up

A Knowledge Panel helps you gain an enhanced recognition online. It will give you an authentic exposure. It will give a boost to your career and you can have a successful journey. Everything on Google revolves around following notable and result oriented search engine practises. So, keep that in mind before making a move.

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