How To Make A New Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is not only a gigantic source of information; it is also one of the most credible sources of information ever known to humans. Moreover, because millions of users visiting it every day, it has become one of the top websites on the internet as well. That is why; there are hundreds of experts and administrators online at any given point. They deal with editing and management of the articles and pages. Their primary job is to ensure there are no mishaps and preventing any adding of misinformation to maintain pinpoint accuracy.

Therefore, making a Wikipedia page might not be as simple as it sounds. Considering there are various factors that come into account when you sit down to create a Wikipedia page. First, Wikipedia has hundreds of guidelines and a very strict policy that prevents any misinformation. Therefore, if you are hoping to make a page for fun, then throw your hopes out the window. Even though sometimes people manage to make such pages, they do not stay up for long. That is why, if your page creation intentions are serious and you want to get it right, then you must understand a few things first. Let us understand these important aspects.

What Is A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia pages are meant to provide information only. Their content is based upon facts and at no point do they pose an opinionated or biased tone. Which is the reason why reasons to make a page on Wikipedia should only be serious. Since a page or article is more or less the same thing, the whole thing you see is an article. Where the contents of it make it a page. Comprising of topics of variety, such as science, movies, athletes, major events in history et cetera, the sole purpose of these pages is to provide information.

There are to main sections when you arrive at a Wikipedia page. The first one is the long line of texts on the right side, establishing the nature, time, date etc. of the topic in question. The section next to it looks like a small profile, which might include pictures, dates, labels, positions et cetera. Then the sections below establish the information further and might include references, pictures, videos and audio in some cases. Now we know what a Wikipedia page is, let us see why you should make one.

Reasons To Make A Page

One of the only two acceptable reasons that you should make a Wikipedia page is whether there is an interesting or noteworthy event, person or entity and they do not have a page. If such is the case, then Wikipedia will welcome your page creation with open arms. Considering it wants to provide information of all kinds, if there is something amiss, putting it in Wikipedia’s knowledge is certainly one of the reasons. However, another reason is that if you, your company or your desired topics are notable enough and you seek to make a page about it. However, in recent times, it has become a marketing norm to make pages for businesses and increase their credibility. Which is also acceptable if you implement the correct strategy.

What You Need To Know

Understand that Wikipedia pages are meant to be for noticeable or noteworthy topics only. As mentioned earlier, if you are looking to create one for fun, then do not proceed. However, if your intentions to make a page are sincere, then make sure your topic is noteworthy and noticeable.

Understand The Type Of Content

Wikipedia content is for information only, that is why you should treat it as such. Make sure there are no mishaps in the information and you only employ the proper content tone. The primary guideline to understanding here is the NPOV aka neutral point of view, which warrants the page creator to make the page in a neutral content tone.

Page Creation Process

Now we come to it, at last, the page creation process. Keep in mind that this process is a complex sum of various steps and each one requires tending to properly. Therefore, tighten your seatbelt before you commence.

1.    Sign Up

You will have to sign up for an account in order to access Wikipedia’s features. This will require you to use your real name and a verified email for authentication.

2.    Edit articles

You first need to edit existing articles. This is necessary in order for Wikipedia to recognize you as a viable contributor. It will allow you to become an editor and once you are, you can understand how to create a Wikipedia page without any trouble.

3.    Look For Existing articles

If your topic is famous or commonly known, then chances are the article already exists and requires Wikipedia editing. If not, then you need to search ‘WP: RA’ in the search query. It will clear up whether any users have requested the creation of the same topics.

4.    Ask For An Article

If the aforementioned step leads you towards an existing page, then your job is to edit it. If not, then you should ask Wikipedia to create one for you. Then, you have to wait for a week or two before the page is created.

5.    Create Content

As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia content is strictly NPOV and you should refrain from creating biased or opinionated content. Keep the content tone formal and for information purpose only.

6.    Cite Your Sources

For swift and smooth approval, you need to provide the citation aka sources of your information.

7.    Publish & Approval

Once done, you need to publish the article in Wikipedia’s sandbox editor. Then you will have to wait until Wikipedia approves it. IT should take up about 4-5 weeks minimum.


There you have it, folks. The process of creating a brand new page on Wikipedia. If you follow these steps correctly, then your desired page will be up in no time. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to do it only if your topic is worthy of it.

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