How to Write a Wikipedia Page for Your Company in 5 Steps

Wikipedia is the largest and most sought-out information hub available in the world today. The word Wiki derives from Hawaiian word “WikiWiki” which translates into “quick information”. The website itself is a sum of collaborated effort from professional writers and casual internet users.

However, in recent times, Wikipedia has become more than just an encyclopaedia. Why is that? Many content marketers and business owners widely regard it as one of the most effective and vital tools in the online market today. Which is not wrong, considering the reputation Wikipedia has built over past 20 odd years.

How To Make A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

Nevertheless, how can you make the most from it? What does one require to go about making a Wikipedia page? It is not complicated, but it is so simple it can be difficult for beginners. Regardless, you can follow a few simple steps to ensure a feasible Wikipedia page for your company.

Regardless, what you need is a thorough approach and strategy before you sit down to write about your company. This strategy is going to help you from initial steps to finalizing the page of your company. Therefore, let us dive right into it.

1.   Account Sign-Up

The first thing you need in order to make a page on Wikipedia is an account. An account lets you deal with content creation for the smooth process of writing. Another offering of an account is to allow you to edit or include additional information. Moreover, it provides options like management and maintenance of the page.

Nevertheless, what you need to do is go on the Wikipedia page and select “create an account”. It asks for a username, password, and then confirms your password again. More options include Email address and security check with a captcha image. Note: all of these are necessary to fill before clicking on “create your account.”

2.   Research

This is the part where you gather all the information necessary and required. For smooth page creation, one must plan a strategy in order to create content for Wiki. This research includes whether or not if similar names already exist in Wiki article inventory. If so, what you need is to make yourself credible for that article.

Moreover, this research mainly deals with providing content to back up your company’s claim to be notable. Furthermore, research of sources helps in numerous ways for smooth creation, which the next step will cover.

3.   Content Creation

The account sign-up and thorough research bring us to the pulp of all things: the creation of content. In this phase, you will write down important points that you want to cover throughout your company’s Wikipedia page. Such as the establishment of the company, accomplishments, history, services and also notable employees or management.

Nevertheless, the core content where you describe what the company does or how it got there requires you to be completely neutral. It helps in creating content that is in accordance with Wiki guidelines. Moreover, the part in “research” where you looked for sources mentioning your company’s name comes in handy as you provide it as viable citations.

4.   Editing

Editing of a Wikipedia page is more than just proofreading and fixing of the errors. It warrants you to ensure the quality of your content. Does that not only decide its chances of being accepted but also ensure that you find it easier to add information later on. Even though Wikipedia requires definite information, you must form content in a way that it remains open for future amendment.

Nevertheless, editing of Wiki content requires you to fix not just errors, but also any structural problems it might have. Keep in mind that Wikipedia favours properly formulated content, so look at their format to ensure smooth editing process.

5.   Publishing & Maintenance

Publishing and maintenance are two of the most intricate matters in the whole page creation process. Publishing of the page requires one to provide citations apart from the content itself. The small numbers accompanied by quoted information are sources cited by their respective page owners. Then comes the part where you submit your page for review.

Once it is out of the way and Wikipedia approves your page, then you can continue with the maintenance. Wikipedia page creators do not rest after they finish making a page and having it published. Overtime updates and addition of information are two of the main aspects of managing and maintaining a Wikipedia page.

Over To You

This is the generalized information you need if you want to make a page on Wikipedia. If your page does not already exist on it, then you can make one following these steps. Nevertheless, Wiki page creation is a process of patience and persistence. Therefore, keep your head straight.

If you wish to receive more detailed information related to Wikipedia Page, contact Wiki Creators Inc through the form on the page.

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